Highlight Song/Promo song has become a trend in every matrimonial event nowadays.

In our promo song, we shrink the whole marriage coverage into a 5 minute sequence – having only the main highlights of the marriage, candid moments, and auspicious ceremonies. The clips are synced with music of your choice.



We print our albums with the class leading Printers which provide fade resistance up to 200 years. The wide range of choices are available….ranging from various sizes to various print media like velvet, etc.

During the wedding hour the emphasis is on the ceremonies, but most of fail to recognize the emotions the couple is going through. We have dedicated photographers who cover those candid and beautiful moments.


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Photo – Praveen Venugopal.
            Sumesh C  Michael
        Tito Kochuveettil
Design – Tito Kochuveettil